One on One Human Resource Consulting

360° Review and Follow-Up Coaching

The One on One, Inc., 360 Review process is a personalized and customized leadership development feedback process. It has a track record of featuring rich and meaningful feedback for achieving visible leadership growth. Some of the key features of our unique 360 Review process are the confidential interviews with 5 to 8 people, a written 360 feedback report, a feedback session to share and discuss the 360 feedback, and personal one-on-one coaching after the 360 feedback to assure the feedback is leveraged.

The strength in any leadership development feedback tool lies in the content and presentation of the feedback. What makes the One On One 360 process unique is we are an outside entity; therefore, the interviewees will open up in the confidential interview and share the real feedback differently than if the interview was conducted by an employee of their company. Additionally, the feedback process is totally confidential, meaning the roster of interviewees is not disclosed to the person getting feedback or to other interviewees. Therefore, the interviewees tell us they trust the process very quickly, so we are able to obtain the best available feedback surrounding such topics as leadership, interpersonal style, influencing ability, conflict management, etc.

Another key attribute of the One On One 360 Review is that after the feedback is delivered, the employee is not left on his/her own to figure out the feedback and how to make it work for him/her. One On One next engages in several hours of personal and executive coaching to assure the feedback is understood, interpreted correctly, and applied in their behavior and leadership going forward. In their journal, the participants are accountable to us for demonstrating positive growth and change from the feedback. During these coaching sessions, the participants also use our expertise for advice on how to handle certain situations, personalities, or challenges they face as leaders.

Over the years, we have received consistent feedback from participants that our 360 Review feedback is some of the best developmental feedback they have received. When combined with the follow-up coaching, participants consistently share that this experience was their career-best leadership training. They equate this feedback and coaching process to having their own individual leadership training program completely personalized to their strengths and areas of development.

Our clients use our 360 Review process to develop top talent, up-and-comers, new managers, to address performance issues, and to elevate leadership ability in their current management team. It is also often used in conjunction with their performance review process.

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