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Personal Leadership and Executive Coaching

Executive and personal coaching is a personalized leadership development technique widely used to develop leadership ability, managerial potential, and leadership confidence. For the past 23 years, Rich has been coaching managers and leaders on how to be more effective leaders within their personality and leadership style. His coaching approach is known by his client base as being real life, direct, supportive, compassionate, and experienced.

The process starts with separate in-depth interviews with the team leader and the participant. These interviews help us to identify opportunities, determine what the goals are for the coaching engagement, and identify the obstacles in the way. Our goal is to provide advice, help develop more effective leadership habits, and assist in developing leadership abilities.

During the confidential coaching sessions, the participant tends to share it all: career and leadership fears and challenges, anxieties about their leadership style, performance challenges with their staff, struggles with their team leader, conflicts they need to address, personal issues, etc. The participant receives real-time feedback and advice on how to handle current situations and leadership challenges, based on their personality and leadership style. The advice and counsel is totally personalized and customized to the individual and his/her set of circumstances, and we don’t employ any boilerplate coaching techniques.

The real strength of our coaching lies in the objectivity and confidential nature of the discussion. The coaching sessions quickly become a safe harbor for confidential advice that can be nurturing and supportive or tough and direct, depending on what is needed. In any leadership development interaction, the real value comes through applying the coaching advice to implement behavioral change and improvement in leadership. Therefore, the participant is held accountable for change and taking action. The participant is required to complete a leadership diary which serves as a basis for discussion during the coaching sessions.

There is no boilerplate structure to a coaching assignment, as the duration of the engagement is based on the circumstances of the engagement and the progress made. Our coaching services are often linked to our 360 Review service (see 360 Review section) and can be used to address specific developmental needs. The following are some specific examples of coaching needs often requested: improving communication, better listening, controlling reactions and emotions, being more interpersonal, holding people more accountable, and developing better teamwork.

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