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Performance Review Services

An effective performance review will recognize your employee’s strengths, provide positive and developmental feedback, identify training needs, foster two-way communication, create a culture of open communication, and develop a path forward and plan for future growth and position goals.

In many companies, performance reviews are an administrative exercise - a necessary evil that is stressful, avoided, delayed, and sometimes not done at all. Often the reviews are short, can lack purpose and direction, and don’t provide meaningful feedback to help individuals grow and improve their performance. Our experience is that many managers haven’t been trained in the art of preparing and delivering an effective performance review or some managers don’t have the tact, coaching ability, or interpersonal skills to deliver an effective review.

An annual review, properly prepared and representing an accurate assessment of performance, can be a strong catalyst for performance improvement and setting of goals and expectations for the upcoming review period. In the event of a wrongful termination case, mishandled performance reviews can expose you and your company to time consuming and very expensive employment litigation and settlements.

Our Services

Performance Review Coaching and Development:

Our clients tell us that we take all of the stress out of developing and delivering reviews, and that they get improved employee performance through our involvement. Crafting performance feedback, so as to be direct, not illicit defensive reactions, and create buy-in to the feedback, is our strength. Typically, our involvement in review and feedback development includes discussing the employee’s performance with the manager, assisting in developing the review language and feedback, assuring the feedback is meaningful and accurate, and creating a path forward for future growth and position goals.

Review Facilitation:

We next participate in the review session and help facilitate the performance review discussion and feedback. Our goal always is to facilitate a constructive discussion between the employee and manager to clarify performance objectives, provide feedback about the employee’s performance with respect to their skills and behaviors, and provide a developmental plan holding them accountable for change and performance improvement. In a performance review, you never know where the conversation will go and how much emotion will develop. Our clients tell us that our experience in handling review conflict, emotional reactions, developing the feedback discussions, and defusing defensiveness has proven to be an invaluable resource in delivering an effective and meaningful review.

Customized Review Systems:

Real and open performance feedback, behavioral change, leveraging strengths, and improving in developmental areas are the foundation for improving individual, team and company performance. Our experience is that many review systems are designed to be quick, easy, have a number rating system with little or no feedback, are generic and don’t measure the right things for a particular position or department, and are often old, stale, and antiquated.

Here is where One On One can help.

Working with your leadership and key thinkers, we specialize in authoring customized review systems that measure the right categories of performance based on the needs of the position, department, or company. The format requires specific feedback on what is done well and what needs to improve, and how. The review format requires specific position goals and performance expectations for the upcoming review period. With many clients, we have also set up an interim performance review to be used as a bi-annual or quarterly feedback tool and as formal opportunity to discuss progress toward position goals and performance expectations.

With our input, coaching, facilitation, or customized review process, you will have the confidence that your reviews will be effective in providing the right feedback with a professional delivery.

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