Objective, External, and Professional HR Services

If you or your company would answer YES to any of the following questions, One On One, Inc., could be your expert HR resource:

Do you have an employee who is not meeting expectations, under-performing, has a negative or cynical attitude, should have been fired but hasn’t, or has a disruptive personality?

Would your managers benefit from having a confidential, seasoned, personal coach to guide and counsel them through their leadership fears and anxieties, while getting real-life, real-time advice and direction on how to handle leadership situations?

Could your team leaders benefit from training and coaching on how to better navigate the complexities of managing people and their personalities, motivating their staff, driving performance, holding people accountable, dealing with conflict, and influencing as a leader?

Does your team have unresolved conflict, unhealthy tension, or have teammates that don’t get along well, lacking synergy, teamwork and real trust?

Is your current review system dated or stale, more of an administrative function versus an impacting performance management tool, and would your managers benefit from a professional coach to help in the preparation, editing, and delivery of performance reviews to assure your reviews improve performance?

Are your managers too busy to handle recruiting new talent and would like to improve on the hiring of the right candidates, the first time?

Is your company too small to justify a full-time HR presence, but would like to have the benefits of a seasoned HR professional, as needed?

Don't face these challenges alone. Why not reach out today for your free consultation, to learn how One on One can help you?

Richard L. Frigon, President
Email: rfrigon@oneononehr.com